A downloadable game for Windows


Beta phase of NIGHT Upsurge

A simple Infinite runner style game where you control an 'orb' and jump over blocks that increase in speed and regularity. With an attempt at syncing to music.

Music by MAZZA.

Change Log / Recent changes:

  • All music done
  • Added title screen and Credit links.
  • Final bug fixes


Mouse controlled menu. ESC to quit

In game;

A and D to move left and right, SPACE to jump.

ESC to quit to main menu.

P to pause and resume.

R to restart when game over.

Windows only I'm Afraid.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Send and comments to my twitter. @Niioncatte

Install instructions

Download the .exe to windows and run.


Download the Installer and run (which is pretty much the same).

Opens in a window.


NIGHT Installer 4 MB
Night 1.0 exe 4 MB